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For the thorough renovation of an old farm, JUMA architects set out in search of the perfect balance between old and new. In its previous state, the house – which did have a cosy feel – was entirely lacking in terms of spaciousness, light and vision.

To remedy this, the new design planned for a huge window opening in the rear elevation that would create a view on the beautiful garden and at the same time draw in plenty of natural light. The new joinery clearly distinguishes itself from the existing window openings through the use of a black, simple framework, eliminating all possible confusion about which parts are authentic, and which are not.

Given the many wooden ceiling beams, the choice of light fixtures was rather limited. “For the kitchen island we opted for a fine suspension profile light that casts ample light on the countertop.” In terms of general lighting, JUMA architects opted for discreet white directional spotlights.

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