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From its very beginning Delta Light® has been driven by design and technology. Glancing at the product range, one can immediately tell that innovation is the central impulse of development. Based on a passion for lighting and design, extensive trend and market research, and in-depth knowledge of product development, Delta Light’s Belgian based design team over the years succeeded in creating a range of timeless, elegant and often industry changing lighting fixtures.

Design & development of new collections are inspired by trends in architecture, driven by advancements in technology and based on demand from the market. The design and engineering of each new product balances shape, material, functionality, flexibility and technology, aimed at creating added value for all parties involved in selling, specifying, installing and enjoying the light.

The company’s creative statement is confirmed by the opinion of several expert panels, resulting in a number of prestigious awards, including: Red Dot Award, iF Design Awards, Good Design Award and many more.

Delta Light’s in-house R&D team designs nearly all products. On an occasional basis Delta Light joins forces with an external designer. Most recent example is the Metronome, designed by Belgian fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen.

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